Antebellum Bondi Overnight Bag

Antebellum Bondi Overnight Bag

$ 169.00


The Bondi

I was only back in Havana for the night. 

It was early evening and I asked my driver to drop me on the corner so I could walk the rest of the way so I could soak in the sights and sounds. 

Havana nights are balmy and warm and that night there was a breeze that flowed my skirt and lifted my hair as I wandered, overnight bag in hand. 

They were dancing salsa in the streets and I stopped, hypnotised by the music, the laughter and smiles. And then there he was. The familiar face smiling through the crowd. I'd danced with him the last time I was here- we'd shared mojitis conversation and laughter. He reached out and took my hand "Dance?" I nodded. 

Him being here again made this evening perfect. Everything else could wait. 

The Bondi is our overnight bag, perfect for weekend escapes. When you are just in town for a fleeting visit, a romantic getaway, a night to yourself and for yourself. Vintage leather and rose gold fixings pair beautifully with our The Bondi and signature lining sets it and you apart from the rest.


L 47 x H 28 x W 22cm